Discography—if you want to call it that.

We've made a few records, along with a few mistakes. Most of our platters are available at better Goodwill and Salvation Army boutiques.


Eighteen Deadly Ones! LP

Phantom Surfers Play The Songs Of The Big-Screen Spectaculars LP
(Estrus, 1992)

The Exciting Sounds Of Model Road Racing LP
(Lookout! Records, 1995. Re-edited in 1998)

...And Dick Dale LP
(Crown Records, 1996)

The Great Surf Crash Of '97 LP
(Lookout! Records, 1997)

Skaterhater LP, featuring Davie Allan
(Lookout! Records, 1998)

XXX Party LP
(Lookout! Records, 2000)

A Decade Of Quality Control 1988-1999
(V8 Records/Secret Recipe, 2000. Contains written history of the band)


Besame Mucho 7" (Standard Recordings, 1991)

Unknown Museum Stomp 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1992)

Banzai Washout 7" (Estrus, 1992)

Bikini Drag 7" (Estrus, 1992)

Flutter Foot 7" (Drop-Out, 1993)

Survival Of The Fattest 7" (Planet Pimp Records, 1995)

Istanbul 7" (Lookout! Records, 1996)

Banzai Washout 7" (Estrus)


Northwest Budget Rock Massacre 7" (The Phantom Surfers / Mummies)(Pre B.S. Records, 1991)

Hell-Beach Party 7" (The Phantom Surfers / The Roofdogs)(Demolition Records, 1992)

Rocket To Surfin' Europe Tour 1994 7" (The Phantom Surfers / The Astronauts) (Pin Up Records, 1994)


The Estrus Half-Rack 3x7"-box (Estrus, 3 7"-box1991)

The Estrus Half-Rack (Estrus, 1991)

Ultra Punch Deluxe 7" (Cruddy Records, 1993)

Turban Renewal: A Tribute To Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs (Norton Records, 2 LPs 1994)

Locked In To Surf & Rock 'n Roll Instrumentals (LP: Alopecia! Records, 1994; CD:Alopecia! Records, 1995)

Heide Sez (Lookout! Records, 1996)

You're Only As Good As The Last Thing You Did (Lookout! Records, 1997)

Forward Till Death (Lookout! Records, 1999)

The Necessary Effect, Screamers Songs Interpreted (Extravertigo Recordings/Xeroid Records, 2 CDs, 2003)

Instro-Mental Mania (AlphaMonic, 2004)

Fuck You Spaceman! 7" (Planet Pimp Records, 2004)

Everybody's Surfing/Nobody's Surfing LP (Repent Records)

Blood Orgy Of The Leather Girls Soundtrack LP (Planet Pimp Records)

Cowabunga! The Box Set (Rhino Records/Rhino Song Banzai Run, 4 CDs)